spencer nadolsky, do

Why did you pursue obesity medicine certification?
I wanted to learn from the best in obesity medicine and show my patients I have a high competency in obesity treatment as well.

Many doctors have told us about the “aha” moment that stimulated their interest in obesity medicine. Do you have an obesity medicine “aha” moment that sticks out in your memory?
I have always wanted to help my patients use lifestyle and weight loss as medicine to improve their health, but it was in the third year of medical school when I really knew. I went to an Obesity Medicine Association (formerly ASBP) meeting and met other obesity physicians. Hearing the stories of the physicians changing their patients lives really solidified it for me.

How do you currently incorporate your obesity medicine training into your practice?
I was doing a 50/50 family medicine and obesity medicine clinic, but I have actually switched to a non-traditional online model. I now do group weight loss coaching and telemedicine via a new startup company SteadyMD. It is really great being able to reach patients across the country.

Why do you believe obesity medicine certification is valuable?
Having obesity medicine competency is extremely valuable on many levels. Physicians should be treating the underlying cause of most chronic disease, which is lifestyle/obesity. The obesity medicine certification allows for a standardization to understand obesity medicine. This will result in better treatment of patients.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your practice?
Right now the biggest challenge is insurances paying for approved obesity medicines.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
I have had so many patient success stories and none have followed the same exact path. There are too many to list. I just appreciate being able to individualize for each patient based off of what I have learned.

What do you wish other physicians knew about treating obesity?
I wish other physicians would start treating obesity the same way they treat diabetes and hypertension. Instead of a condition due to just willpower or laziness, start understanding the complexities including physiology and psychology.

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