More Than 1,400 Apply For 2021 ABOM Certification Exam

The COVID-19 pandemic did not keep doctors from seeking certification in obesity medicine. A record 1,400+ physicians applied to take the 2021 American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) certification exam, which tests doctors for their competency in treating obesity. Physician candidates will take the test between February 18-25 at computer-based testing centers throughout the United States and Canada and through live remote proctoring. The total number of applicants (1,407) represents a 40 percent increase from the previous class of applicants. Over the past two years, more than 2,400 doctors have applied for ABOM certification.

ABOM Diplomates Offer Evidence-Based Care to Patients With Obesity, New Study Finds

In examining three evidence-based obesity management guidelines – AHA/ACC/TOS, AACE/ACE and OMA, the study found that the majority of physicians had moderate or high adherence to recommendations in these guidelines. The study determined concordance by matching treatment services offered by the physicians with services recommended by each organization. Guideline-recommended treatments have been associated with clinically significant weight loss in clinical trials.